Capstone Progress Entry 01

Mind map exercise, a visualization of how my interests connect

What scares you the most about capstone?

Where do I begin? Uncertainty can be my enemy at times, but I know as I continue throughout the process my strain will ease. Historically I know myself as indecisive, mainly because I like to make sure I consider as much as possible before making a decision. Among topic selection, my ultimate fear is getting far along down the line and becoming detached to the project or wishing to pivot. So here comes the hard part: considering everything. Above is a rough start as I begin to dive deep into my brain, overlapping ideas and recovering memories to try and paint a picture representing the things that bring passion out of me in life. As I continue to explore, I want to begin to expand on application ideas considering perspectives outside my own, and how I may apply these ideas into concepts that hopefully fuel others’ passions as deeply as mine. I’ll get there eventually, but it’s a long road ahead.

What excites you the most about capstone?

Simultaneously, I have many things to look forward to on this journey. The most I feel is finally gaining a sense of total control when it comes to design work I create, and I want to embrace that as much as possible. In the “real” design world it’s unrealistic to have as personal of a connection/impact on a body of work, and I want to make sure I take advantage of testing my creative capabilities while being encouraged the most it’s ever been. Of course I am open to and looking forward to my growth as a designer over this next year, as well as the years to come when I begin to further discover my creative purpose.